Parade Information

Bus # 1 – Low Brass, percussion
Bus # 2 – Clarinets, Flutes
Bus # 3 – Trumpet, Saxophone
Bus # 4 – Band Front

1. Hair is pulled back with a black pony tail holder.
2. No nail polish, heavy perfume, lotion
3. Only stud earring. No other jewelry.
4. Knee high black socks for band students (nothing written on them)
5. You should arrive wearing your complete uniform.
6. IMPORTANT – Please make sure to hem your band pants (using the
snaps) before arriving on Sunday. You should snap all of the snaps as you
fold it over. Please don’t just use one or two snaps and they will come
undone. Any damage to the pants (or any other uniform piece) is the
responsibility of the families to replace.


Parade:  Coopersburg

Date: Sunday October 13, 2019
Arrival Time: 1:00 pm at East Hills
Parade Start Time: 3:00 pm

Divison: 4

Parade: Coplay – October 15th
Report to East Hills: 5:30 pm
Parade Start Time: 7:00 pm
Parade Finish Time (approximately): 9:00 pm


EH Game: Football Game – October 17th
Report to East Hills: 6:00 pm
Game Start Time: 7:00
Game Finish Time (approximately): 9:00 pm


Parade: Nazareth Parade – October 19th
Report to East Hills: 11:30
Parade Start Time: 1:00 pm
Parade Finish Time (approximately): 3 pm

Division: 1

Practice: Freedom/Liberty Game Practice – October 23rd
Report to Liberty: 5:45 pm
Pick-up Time: 9:00 pm


Football Game: Freedom/Liberty Game – October 26th
Report to Northeast: 11:00 am (will be fed before leaving for Liberty)
Game Start Time: 1:00 pm
Game Finish Time (approx – we leave during 3rd quarter): 3:00 pm


Parade: Bethlehem – October 27th
Report to East Hills: 1:00 pm
Parade Start Time: 2:00 pm
Parade Finish Time (approximately): 4:00 pm

Division: TBA

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